MIRACO Impressions

Felt covered bird and rattan reindeer:

The bird is about 7.5" tall and is sitting on the reindeer. 92 single capture frames before I got bored taking them. I edited ~10 frames to eliminate some areas that were soft. Rendered with just the default lambert material in Maya, but with 7.5 million polygons the fabric is pretty convincing in parts.


Today’s result: Fujiwara wins

Chika Fujiwara anime figure, approx. 8" tall. Miraco Pro, near mode continuous. I did a lot of sculpting post scan, mostly to clean up occluded areas and things I just didn’t scan well. Although I also cloned the left shoe to recreate the right shoe since I didn’t capture the base.

Texture WIP. Straight out of the scanner, the texture has an overly processed highly saturated and contrasty look, although to be fair I didn’t use any lighting except the built in LEDs. Left is Substance Painter WIP, right is original texture.