IR fill lights - Miraco


I’m capturing surface (no color) in near mode, so I understand only the IR depth is really what matters in this situation.

I see there are 8x IR fill lights on the front of the Miraco.

I’m not too familiar with the tech so forgive me - what is the function of these IR fill lights please, and is there a case (even just theoretical) where adding more IR fill could be better?

For example, would concave / shadowed areas of an item get picked up a bit better if there was more IR fill on them (from an additional IR light source for example) - or would this disrupt the scan?

Thank you in advance!

This would not work. Think about scanning outside in sun light. That is adding a bunch of excess or and results in the scanner getting confused. It is putting out a set amount of light and expecting a specific amount back to create the image.

As with most things in life, more is not necessarily better

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