Mini vs. 60.000€ industrial scanner

It is 5.2.2 version , the latest was 5.2.1
I am going to test it out right now .

How it can be few days younger than the one your installed ? There is not version above 5.2.2

The version currently available is from 2023-07-28. The version I use at the moment was -as I think- form 2023-07-23. So the former is younger than the later;-)

This means the currently version is older than the one you installed , but don’t bother installing 5.2.2 , it is worse than 5.2.1
5.2.0 is still the best version

Revopoint should fix this a soon as possible.

Of course, this is not acceptable , I run more tests and everything with seams after merging , very bad registration , no matter feature or points .

5.2.0 version is to go for now … as it deliver the best results after merging .