Mini "failed to get cameras info"

I haven’t used my Mini in a while and tried connecting it with Revo Studio 5.0.6 and it just gives me a pop up “Failed to get camera’s information. Restart the scanner manually”. I unplugged and replugged the scanner and it still gives the same error. I’ve tried searching for answers with no luck. Do I need to update the firmware? If so where do I get that?

Hi Phil, if you have MINI Beta it will not connect to RS5 , it do not have RGB camera that why the error showing up , same here and by other users of MINI BETA

The team is working on the fix …

Oh OK well I was watching the live stream last night with Loyal Moses who won the one I gave away. He had the same error pop up but then it seemed to start working fine anyway. Mine is the beta one with no RGB so I guess I’ll just have to wait and try another time.

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