Mini 2 detail level

Folks, this may have been asked and answered but not sure I see the thread., Looking to confirm the level of detail the mini 2 can capture. I see 0.02 but can it get details of between threads of a M8 bolt for example? Looking to capture details to a high TPI if possible.

Hi @Bobbo1

Yes it can , I scanned a bolt and printed it and can easily screw it on so yes the details are there .
Now the details will depends of how you prepare your scanning surface , what kind of 3D spray you are using , what kind material you are scanning etc.

0.02mm is a lab results test per frame .
Normally you get around 0.04mm ( smaller than human hair ) in home environment with available medias .

MINI series have the best accuracy available on the market in this price range and there is nothing better you can get at this moment .

Here some fine details with Mini 2

My POP3 has no problem in resolving the threads of M6 bolts so MINI 2 should be good for M8 bolts.

Hi @Bobbo1

Our Beta users @Steamkraft have used the MINI 2 to scan M3 screws before, and I’m sure with the accuracy of the MINI 2, scanning M8 screw details won’t be an issue.