Micaro-won't join home wifi, says incorrect password?

hi, brand new miraco, turned it on, clicked english, selected my wifi, entered password, , error ‘incorrect password’, double checked a few times, thoughts.
i use a somicwall tz300 for my home wifi.
i opened my wifi to continue setup and check for s/w updates, but when i put the wifi password back on, it doesnt connect, its set to WEP key 1.
thanks all!

It definitely has to do with your router and how you set it up .
Looks like Miraco is not on the allowed list to join the network .
Did you check the the combination of PiHole & Unbound ?

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hi, what is pihole and unbound? i have a travel router in my classroom, ill bring it home and try connecting ot that wifi?


Try on a different router , or you can create a mobile hotspot on your phone and check if your MIRACO WiFi is working correctly , so at least you know 100% that it is your router and not MIRACO .

If you can’t connect at all to other WiFi networks , please write to customer@revopoint3d.com for hardware assistance in this case , you can include the link to this thread for reference.

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will try tonight!