Merging 3d scans

anyone having issues with the revopoint software and scanning the same object from different positions so that we can get a better object ? or is it better to scan different 3d scans of the object and then merge them using another softare? what software would you recommend ? I forgot … i am using revopoint mini.

before rs5, i was trying to merge by scanning 2+ file for merging
in rs5+, it got better tracing abilities for different angle,

pause, and resume for different position,

PS5 was created so you can scan more professionally each angle separately, as it will give you better accuracy , plus some objects are too have or can’t change position .

So if you going for best quality , scan separately the angles and merge them .

Scanning the same object multiple times overlapping it over and over again will create a lot of artifacts that need to be manually cleaned , you spend a lot of time on editing . And you may lose big part of the accuracy in the process .

Objects are 3D dimensional so you need 3 angles to capture the full details , other way the software will smooth out the areas you missed or overlapped multiple times .

Is there some video with example from which we can see procedure of scanning and merging for bigger objects with POP3 !?