Markers problem

I use revopoint range. It constantly perceives markers as red dots. does not endorse markers in any way. what should I do?

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When I tested it this way before, I think the red dots were turning green. now he no longer accepts them.

They are red , not green . Nothing wrong with that .
You scanning an object that is not visible to the sensor , test with something else that is scannable , or use 3D spray

I sent an e-mail regarding the issue. I could use it before without any problems. When Revoscan detected markers, it would change from red to white or green. Afterwards, the marker signs became active. It’s not like that now. I also use spray when necessary. My problem has nothing to do with the spray.

The markers are red when active , not green or white …

It was once in older software , now they are red .

Could you please send me the old software? because when the scan is completed, the points cannot be used when combining two separate scans.
I want to test the old version. Please.

I don’t have it on my system anymore ,I removed everything after updating to win11 last month .

I missing the option to see the markers in the merging tab as well , still waiting for the color vertex feature to return back to be able to use it .
But since the older software was too buggy and new scanners do not works with it , it can’t be distributed anymore .

If any other user still have it they may share with you .

on site revopoint there was an old version look at it

That is not a version that support Range , it is old RS 4 .

He needs RS5 early version from late May 2023 not early .

I have
this old installer
send me your e-mail i make a wetransfert if you need…