Marker positions

Hi all,

In earlier versions of the software I believe there was a file saved with a point which marked the centre of the markers that were used.

Is this still a thing in V5? I can’t find it anywhere?

It would be great to have if you use a standard fixture for scanning so alignment can be “snapped” into place.


Markers replacing features of the object , there is not saving option for that and never was .

You need to use each time markers if your object do not have any features or less as it is needed .

Maybe you are looking old for calibration software ? It should be not used with the new scanners . You can calibrate them in
V5.3 but not recommended if your scanner is new .

The old software is not good enough anymore since the firmwares already changed .


Sorry I got myself mixed up. This image is from the original rev 4 where it seems to label the markers it finds. This would be really useful especially if you have a fixture that is covered in markers and you add items to the middle of it to scan. That marker data can be used as a basis for a tooling model so inspection of parts and alignment to an axis system can be used. So label and gives a centre point sort of thing.
It’s almost like you can scan the points get their positions. Add your part and scan again and it’s all linked together, You can take out the base model of the marker positions have that as a master model and then alignment of the scanned model will be nice and smooth to snap it into place.

Yes all software do that . From Revo Scan 3 to 5 .

But there is no function to store the information for use it later , at least it is not accessible by the user .

You should contact Revopoint personally, they have industrial technology for exact that purpose what you looking for , it will save you more time than reverse engineering software function and hacking the data .

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