Manual point cloud registration

Is there a way to manually register point clouds in Revo Scan besides the marker merge? I work with Leica terrestrial scanners. Cyclone (Leica’s software) allows me to move and rotate one scan at a time in order to get it close enough for the software to auto register. I was just wondering if there was a feature like this in Revo Scan, and if not is that something that could be added at some point? I just need to be able to move the out of place scan just enough for the feature merge to work better.

Adjusting manually 2 scans is not a registration , it is alignment and at this moment not possible .

Feature mode will only works if the scans have enough unique features to use the option , without features the alignment will not help using this function .

Marker mode is one of the most used alignments for ore registration .

Even if there was an manual alignment function you still can’t use it with any combination ( feature or markets) as the manual alignment would not influence the functions .

You can try using Cloud Compare , still you have to use marker mode for alignment and final registration .

Manual alignment in Revo Scan will be added in the future but as separate mode and not in combination with other nodes that require specific features or placement of a markets to recognize the proper position of the scans .

If you never used Cloud Compare , you can try my tutorial

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Thank you for the response. I’ve been using Cloud Compare for years. I just thought that manual registration would be in Revo Scan. Before buying my Pop 3, I used a friends 3DMakerpro: Seal and that software, JMStudio (I think that’s what it’s called) was able to manually register 2 clouds together. It did have a marker mode too. I ended up going with the Pop 3 because I liked the interface in Revo Scan and I also thought the point clouds / meshes looked much better all around over the other consumer scanners that I’ve played with. Thank you for letting me know that this feature is in the works though. I’m really impressed with everything the software can do though…That being said, is there also a way to smooth the meshes in localized areas of a mesh? Like if I just have a small area that needs to be smoothed out?

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Sadly not , because the main focus of the Software right now is to produce the perfect point cloud , so other editing tools may be added in the future , you can always post your suggestions in the suggestion section if the forum and share your ideas for future improvements.

Right now everything Revo Scan do is based on the volume of the scan and algorithms , and the goal is to be more like a Cloud Compare than editing software with the main focus on pointclouds.

Ha, that’s fine. I’m just lazy and like to try and do everything in one program if I can. I thought that maybe I had missed something. I can smooth out meshes in mesh mixer, or 3DR. It’s all good. Thank you.

No problem @MrMold666 me too that why I only use 2 programs , one for point cloud and one for all the rest …

I don’t consider Revo Scan as my editing software , some quick fixes for quick print but for the professional result I need to get deeper … with more sifisticated software that can handle all that at highest level .

Some areal smoothing by selection would be a great idea for fast fix btw …

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