Auto or Manual processing before merging scans Revo Scan 5?

I have read (well I’m sure I have) that the point clouds have to have the same distances to allow the models to be merged, is this correct? There’s a good chance I assumed or misunderstood hence the need for clarification.

I haven’t merged anything before so don’t want to head down the wrong route with this.

The auto function has always given me good results so I’ve not had a need to manual adjust any settings before.

In addition, if it is set to Auto, and you click on the Manual selection, are those figures random, or do they represent what the Auto processing would have been.

TIA :slight_smile:

You need the same pitch point distance to have perfect merging without seams , you can still merge objects without the same pitch point but you may get chance there will be a seam .

To avoid a seam after merging , you can simplify the fused point cloud, or the mesh after , the function for mesh will be available in version 5.0.6 of RS .

Manual merging use points , you manually guide it placing point on the objects , it is great if you have difficulty merging the object in Auto mode , pay attention that only 2 of the objects can be merged in manual mode , where in Auto 9 .