Mac OSx cannot install "Normal get log"

Hey all,
I’m having issues with my Pop2 scanner and working with REVO tech help. They gave me a link to install the “Normal get log” utility to get a log from my scanners. I follow along with the set up for this, which entails using Terminal and entering my password. The problem I’m having is that once I enter my password I get an error from my Mac saying in essence " Vendo no certified, could be malware" with my only option is to trash it. Anyone else have this problem?

  1. I need to install the ultitiy in order get a log of scanner so REVO can assess it.
  2. My Mac OS 12.7.2 won’t let me install or grant permission.

Hi @Alano

did you contacted back the tech team about this issue ? they may know the best how to help you out with this issue .

Screen Shot 2024-01-24 at 8.22.36 AM

Hey there, yes I have. They have been very responsive and helpful, however, I’ve been having problems just installing the initial Revo tool. I’m on a Mac and so I’m reaching out to the forum to see if any other Mac users have had this issue? I can’t allow or grant permission so I can’t install.

I understand, but you should get back to them about that install issue as I am afraid nobody can help you out here in the forum . Tech team is the one that can fix it for you . Please write back

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Thanks. I will.

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If you press Cancel instead of Move to Trash, can you go to System Settings>Security & Privacy and see an “Open Anyway” button?

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Hey thanks BoatScans.
Yeah this is what tech suggest too but I couldn’t see “open away” option in my privacy panel. Btw, I’m loading the log txt utility and not Revoscan app. Eventually I got it work by leaving my privacy panel open (I’m on an iMac) and low and behold an “Open Anyway” button did appear BUT not under the Privacy tab but under the General tab. I have to click open anyway to a couple more items but nothing happened. So I redid the terminal install steps they gave and it opened!
I got my “log txt” file to send in.

I hope this thread helps another Mac user down the road. Keep your Security window open after entering your password in Terminal. :slight_smile:

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