【Solved】Unable to install Revo Scan on M2 Mac

Just received my Range 2 scanner. But it’s useless to me unless I can have a computer (at home or laptop) that uses Apple M2 chip operate it.

I don’t use Mac but there are plenty of users that installed it without issues , I will tag @dfodaro , Davide uses MAC as well , maybe he can share his way if this installation.

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This happens on Mac for some software downloaded from the internet and not from the Apple app store.

There is an easy way to bypass this problem

Open “System Preferences” and then the “Security & Privacy” tab

At the bottom, as you can see in the image, appears the software whose installation the system prevented
Then push the button ”Open Anyway”

… and enjoy Range 2 which is a great scanner


Thank you very much. That solved my issue.

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@dfodaro thank you so much Davide for the prompt reply , really appreciate it !

@LPColl61 happy to hear that Lee ! Thanks for letting us know .