Installation Issues on Mac


This problem continues to occur in RevoScan5.
Bypassing security checks is not allowed under our policy.
Could you please perform Developer ID signing and notarization to RevoScan5-

It’s an issue for sure, but can you not right mouse on the file and select “open”? It will then let you open it no matter what.
I don’t know whether this counts as bypassing security checks though.

Andy , something companies are not allowed to do that . So it can’t be based on a personal choice.

This thread is a customer support thread awaiting response from Revopoint’s Customer Support .


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Hi @tekezo

Sorry for the inconvenience. Our team is working on it. But the Mac App Store is very strict in its review, so please give us some time.

Thanks, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

For Mac App, there is no need to distribute in Mac App Store.
You can place the pkg file on Google Drive as you do now.

However, you will need to perform notarization on the pkg file.
This is much less restrictive than distributing in App Store, so please consider this option.