Limit box for point cloud editing

Could a limit box be added at some point?
There are many instances that when editing a point cloud, it would be nice to section off a portion of the point cloud (after alignment and merging) to edit out points that can’t be removed with isolation or the overlap detection.

Use the frame editing tool , you can hide or show off 1 or more frames for editing .

The point cloud is organized one single file , there is no way to isolate it after fusing as the frames don’t exist anymore .

There should be not cleaning needed after merging , because you should clean it before merging . If you still have any overlap after merging this is a bug.

if you suggest a temporary hiding selection for temporary hiding of the file while editing , that is a good suggestion here . Thanks for sharing !

Oh, yes. Ideally I like to clean the clouds before merging, but sometimes things are easier to see once that’s done. Like here for instance. I cleaned everything, but now that the clouds are together, I see in the roof of the mouth on this dinosaur there are some points that didn’t get isolated and removed. If I had a limit box, I could hide the body and remove those points.

I know I can do the cleaning in Cloud Compare, but again, I’m lazy and would like to just clean everything natively. :laughing:

Did you tried to use Advanced mode while fusing ? It will give you already much cleaner scan .

Also I hope you use any kind of 3D spray because the lose points usually are results of micro reflections from the surface while scanning …it creates lose points and noises .

But Advanced mode should clean it up

Yes definitely… that would be my last suggestion … sometimes it is just better to rescan again than edit the pesky lose points .

Please try the lose points and isolated points on all scale not only the one suggested by the software . If they can’t be cleaned it means they are at greater distance than proposed by the software .

Yes. I used the advanced mode, and no I didn’t use any 3D spray. These scans that I’m doing right now are all practice scans to learn from and experiment with. I’m learning what I can and cannot do with the scanner and its software. So far though, I’ve very impressed (got my Pop 3, 3 days ago) with what it can do…This is the type of scanning that I deal with for work and I straight up model this stuff. I’m probably just spoiled with all the software that I get to use for work though.

…but a simple limit box like this would be very useful for post production clean up.

Sifisticated! But any suggestions are welcome Steven !