A robotic arm would be the salvation

I think it would be better for everyone to focus your efforts on creating a robotic arm for this scanner that will keep it at a proper distance while it rotates around an object, or a person, that we want to scan without losing the tracking. And I’m specifically talking about things you can’t put on a desk turntable. And of course I think that this robotic arm should be designed as an integrated solution for this type of scanner. One to work with the Revo Scan software.
I would definitely buy something like that and if you ask me how much I would be willing to pay for it I would say that an ideal price would be at most the price the scanner is sold for, but even if it were to exceed this price by a few hundred euros I think I would still be willing to pay to buy it.

Which scanner are you referring to? Pop 2 or Mini.

The pop 2 has relatively large distance range to allow for acceptable accuracy.
The mini not so much. I suggest simply taking multiple scans and aligning in post.

Sam Lilly

I was think of a scanning fixture like the “DIY Slider” for the range, except the turntable would be under the platform and the scanner would circle you and move vertically being attached to the turntable. (Think of those whirling video’s that they take at a party with a platform and a iphone on a arm)

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All of them