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Exactly Phil, thank you for your vote :grin: n that subject … I do not work with cars or reverse engineering, my works are game and 3D rendering assets and reconstructions , having proper color data is very important to me especially if you can’t use additional lighting and the only source is ambient environment light …


Please Vote if you need perfect color scans and textures .

  • I need manual white balance control for color scans
  • I don’t need color scans
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Thank you :+1:t2::blush:

Update: Revo Scan 5.3.0 features an improved home layout, just like I asked! Thank you!


Providing a changelog on the forum for each update is very nice, but I feel many users won’t see it, since when Revo Scan tells them there is an update, the download button directs them to the Download section , not to the changelog in the forum.

This update popup could probably be improved: for example by adding a text box with the changelog (with a scrollbar if there are many new features, like for 5.3.0), or by adding a third button that would say something like “changelog” and redirect the user to the dedicated forum thread.
I usually want to check the changelog, since some updates are just minors fixes or improvements that I don’t really need.

Also, is there a specific reason why the Windows version is shared as a compressed zip file? As far as I can tell, Revo Scan 5.3.0 weighs 210MB compressed, 216MB decompressed. Since the difference is so small, unless there is a specific reason, maybe sharing the file directly as an uncompressed .exe would make sense? (this would save each user a few clicks)


Maybe because there was issues with downloading for some users with the exe files … I was thinking the same at first …

Urgent suggestion

Revopoint needs to stop putting out new software without having a fallback to at least the known stable version.

That said congrats for the new update that listened to the community requests

Still new versions should not be posted as stable untill it have been tested by the public for at least a couple of weeks.

This latest release has a couple of issues and should have been posted as a Release Candidate (5.3.0.rc) and never replace directly the stable version.

5.3.0 Current issues

Current version know issues:

  • Reading and editing some older capture causes holes and bad fusing

  • There is currently no way to reenable the deleted frames, even tho they are not deleted from disk. (Sad to learn it is using the frame inf file instead of the global json file with ignore frames array that i was hoping they would be using)

  • Editing the individual frames (lasso/delete) is a destructive process "with no user warning! (depth map is permanently modified)

  • Inside frame editing pressing a workflow button causes a popup that makes you exit the frame edit even if that is not your intention, if you click cancel you lose all your modifications.

  • Some users report cannot maximize the app window

@Revopoint-Cassie @PUTV


I can ADD to this, that it’s not just for previous scans with the desktop app, but also with ACTUAL ( and previous ) scans from MOBILE APP.

So if today I scan something with my MOBILE APP ( IOS ) and send the result to the desktop app, the raw editting will mess it up.

Hello @X3msnake
Thanks for the advice. I’ve sent these issues back to our team, it’s a few bugs that they are working on fixing.

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Hello @luccas222
We’ve noticed the issue and are trying to resolve it. I’ve sent you a PM, please check it out.

I can’t find it. Where did you send it?

Hi @luccas222 did you check here ?
Screenshot 2023-09-25 091125

yep, also in my email, also in facebook… nothing…

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I guess you get answer tomorrow , the office is closed already

Yes, 9pm or something there… no problem. 7am in mexico right now :slight_smile:

Sorry for the lack of success in sending, was previously trying to ask some questions about computer configurations to assist in reproducing the problem.

Now, the testing team has successfully reproduced the problem and is working on releasing a fix.


cool! tks!

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Why does 5.3 automatically combine objects when trying to merge?

It don’t do that automatic , what you see is only preview , if it don’t match , meaning the 2 scans was not proper cleaned , include parts that don’t have enough overlap areas or features resulting in mismatch in the preview .

You merging your objects based on features or manual matching points , it is like a puzzle game and things need to be precise.

Nothing is final unless you want it to be , if the preview is not satisfactory, you need to start over … clean well your scans , or set the proper matching points representing the features or use scans that have lots of own features to be matched automatic and correct .

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Started using RevoScan 5.3.0 and immediately noticed that the Window Maximize icon was not working as expected. On my system (nVidia RTX A2000 with 4k monitor), maximize actually shrinks the size of the window size but does move it to the upper left corner of the display. Clicking that icon again and the window is moved back to be centered on the display and enlarges slightly. I found the lower right corner could be pulled to enlarge the window, but I should not have to do that.

I continue to struggle with deleting small isolated triangles when there is also a larger isolated piece that I do not want deleted. I also struggle to find and select very small holes to fill on a large model. Both tools could benefit from a “Max Size” option based on number of triangles (or edges of the hole) when detecting. The 1% minimum size for isolated pieces on a large scan is usually still way too big a setting and frequently includes isolated areas I want to keep. The Hole filling tool could work if I could select “All” and then unselect large holes I do not want filled. However if a hole is just one or two triangles on a large complex scan, I find those frequently impossible to find.

What i was hoping that Revopoint do was make the isolation a selection instead.

That paired with a reverse select modify key like shift or ctrl would allow the users to deselect using lasso what the user did not want to erase or use invert selection instead