Jermaul's - Unboxing - Mini 2

Revopoint Mini 2 blue light scanner

An upgrade to the Mini one

Available on Revopoints web site

Unboxing Video

Detail Specs and upgrades :

Rugged exterior with recused lenses.
USB-C connection.
3 button rear buttons Start/Pause and Exposure +/-.
Wifi 6.
Status Leds.
Larger FOV Single capture size 53x70@120mm and 167x146@250mm
Up to 16fps scanning speed
IMU Magic (faulty frames from fast movement and shakes are automatically removed.
Upgraded RGB camera with larger aperture
2 White led for RGB color scanning.
4 White led for Improved marker scanning and calibration.

Whats in the Box

Carrying Case (a very nice one. Everything has a place)
Mini 2 Scanner
Mini turntable
Mini turntable power cord
USB-C to A cable
USB-A to C adapter
2in1 Mobile cable
Maker Top
Pack of Markers (3mm)
Mini Tracking mat
Tack (for holding items onto the table)

Right out the box, the scanner feels great and well built.
With the larger FOV you can easily scan medium sized items.
The scan quality is excellent of course.

Very nice looking scanner. Has Mini 2 embossed on the top along with a raised Revopoint logo

The front has a nice rugged look. Recused lenses to prevent any scratching.
Along with Revopoints quick connector mount at the bottom.
Here we can see the extra leds.
Two around the RGB camera for color scans. Two around the sensors for better marker mode tracking.

Around to the back is the Status LED and usb-c port.
Then we have the exposure and Start/Pause scanning button.

It is a true blue light scanner giving off that lovely deep blue projection.

Well built and a very nice upgrade.

Remember if you want yours check the link below

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Excellent unboxing and info Jermaul, !