Jermaul's - Unboxing - Range 2

RANGE 2 unboxing

RANGE 2 is now available for purchase on the official Revopoint store.

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Video unboxing Here

Big things come in small packages.

Comes packed in a carrying case ready to go.

Includes (left to right, top to bottom)
Quick connect adapter
Cellphone clip
Power Bank tripod pole
USB A(female) to USB C (male) adapter
2in1 mobile cable
USB C (scanner side) to USB A (pc side) cable
Far mode tracking mat
Marker dots
Range 2 scanner
Quick connect adapter screw driver.

Tripod has extendable legs. They lock in place once pulled out. Push button to release them and slide them back in.

USB-C connection
Status leds
Exposure controls and start/pause button.

Depth camera sensor with extra fill IR on top and bottom.
RGB camera has 4 white leds for color scans