Is pop3 suitable for outdoor use?

Is pop3 suitable for outdoor use?

When I use POP3 indoors, I can shoot as normal, but when I shoot outdoors, I cannot shoot at all.

Direct sunlight? Weather? Settings? What is the problem?

It’s important to understand why it’s giving you problems outdoors.

The scanner uses an infrared projector. Know what else projects a lot of infrared light? The sun! When its sunny, your scanner can’t see the stuctured light it projects, so you end up with those failures.

If you scan earlier or later when there’s less sun, or on an overcast day, you’ll get much better results.

This is taken with my old infrared-converted camera. From the auto-exposure settings of the camera, I can tell that the structured infrared light emitting from my POP3 scanner is way weaker than that from the sun so the depth cameras simply can’t see the structured light hence scanning is impossible.

As everyone explained already , you can’t use it on a sunny day , it is like using flash light on a sunny day , but if you try in shadow or overcast day you can do that easy , you can also switch to Dark mode when you scan outdoors on a cloudy day or in the shadows , it will help powering the infrared projector to higher level .

where is Dark Mode in this APPs ?
I cant found it.

Auto change for Dark Mode or not?

It is under the scanner settings , Marker Mode, Dark Mode etc…
Connect your scanner and access the scanner settings , it will be under General Feature .

Also use Auto settings for Depth Camp