Is it a swindle case?

Hi, few days ago I received a SMS from a shipment and I afraid that it can be a swindle.

Attach an image. Please, can anybody confirm if is it real?

I would ignore that text. Do you remember giving your phone number to Revopoint? Most of the shipment notifications have been coming through email.

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Ditto. Also note the spammy-looking URL -

URL appears to be fake - ’ This website seems to be unavailable (error 503).’ via
My notification came via email, and from a real carrier.

Here in UK, we have a consumer TV program warning about such txt messages only yesterday. Please do not reply, or download any software from such a txt, VERY dangerous for your bank balance!!

Look at the email URL (from) if you don’t recognise it … Don’t follow the URL attachment.

It is the scam / virus install that’s going around.
Hint 1: revo sends via FedEx.
Hint 2: it says UPS in text, but DHL in URL (/dhl/)
Hint 3: the domain is neither from a known shipping company nor from a known multi tracking site (e.g. aftership)
Hint 4: once you go there (didn’t try, though) they’ll likely will ask you to install an app, and not from the play/app store either but from some random website. And if you do your device is screwed.


Hi @goblinnocturno Sorry so much, I just notice this post. Please don’t click such link because usually our shipping agency won’t send such a link via message.