Inspire started shipping - Power of Attorney for customs clearance

Hey there,

I just got a message from DHL Express, my Inspire from the kickstarter campaign is on it’s way to Germany.
They asked me for a Power of Attorney to process the customs clearance which I did.
They have now sent me another e-mail with an online form I have to fill out and submit until Oct 2nd.

I’ve paid the extra 15 USD for the customs stuff, do I have to give DHL Express all the information or is that dealt with by Revopoint?

Hi @dmnkhhn ,
please refrain from making any additional payments, as you have already paid during the survey. If you encounter any charges, kindly inform them to contact the sender, Revopoint, for clarification.
Additionally, you might be asked to provide further details. Please consult the instructions outlined in the email from your local customs for further guidance.

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Thank you for the reply.

I clicked on the link in the last email and that opens the DHL4You portal where I have to answer some questions.
They ask for my address and up to 5 tariff items with a description, the tariff number, the value and they ask for proof of value in the form of an order confirmation, bank statement or invoice.

This looks like customs clearance, which I actually thought Revopoint would take care of for me?!
I can’t get out of there either, DHL Express writes that they will return the shipment to the sender if I don’t fill out the form.

Hi there, please reply to that email with the proof of payment(How much Kickstarter collected from you) and Revopoint’s HTS: 903149

Then mention that Revopoint, the sender confirm they will take care of all the other customs process.
If they have any other questions, please contact the sender, Revopoint.

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They do not accept direct replies to this email and strictly refer to the online form.
A Waybill document is attached to the email from DHL Express, including the commercial invoice with all information (invoice number, invoice amount, description, etc.).
On the waybill document are also indicated the service codes “Paperless Trade (WY)”, “Duties & Taxes paid (DD)” and “Ion PI969 Section II (HD)”.
I get the impression that they actually already have all the information they need?!

Is this HTS the “Tariff number” for more accurate classification of the item that I need to include in the form?
I would otherwise put everything there as on the invoice attached to the Waybill Document (338 USD value of goods).

I have the same issue DHL is a mafia in europe never had issues with the older sender Revopoint used to use (UPS)

Last time (Range) they (DHL) ended up charging me 90.euros from their handling taxes plus the customs, almos 120 euros that ended up making the early bird special almost as expensive as buying directly from store a couple of moths after

I invested in the 15.euros from Revopoint expecting i would not have to deal with this this time… it is not working as expected


I have contacted Revopoint and explained the situation. The only answer I got was exactly the same one I got in this thread.
I have paid a customs handling fee and I have prepaid taxes, what was that for?

Personally i dont want to deal with DHL there is no reasoning with those a-holes (DHL), i will just let it return and ask a refund (RP) if it comes to that :confused:

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DHL contacted me today by phone saying that altho all is paid i still need to send my vat number invoice and proof of payment since they claim this does not come with the documentation. here is the email they sent me after contact

Following the shipment of the consignment with the Waybill/Air Way Bill, subject to customs clearance, originating from a non-EU country, we inform you that it is subject to customs clearance. All charges related to any customs expenses have been paid by the sender.

You will have the following options to clear the goods through customs:

1 - Use DHL Express as a customs broker to handle the entire customs clearance process and delivery to the destination address. To ensure a speedy process, we suggest sending the invoice or purchase order, which should detail the values of the merchandise and transportation costs (1).

We will commence the process as soon as we receive the required documentation.

If this is the chosen option, kindly send the following items to the email address

  • Tax Identification Number (NIF)
  • Portuguese taxpayer number of the importer
  • Purchase order with itemized values and freight/transportation cost
  • Proof of payment

We would like to alert you that, after the 5th day without a response following our contact, the goods may be returned to the sender.

We are always available for any clarifications you may require.

DHL in Portugal does seem to handle it a bit differently.

DHL here in Germany first asked for my Power of Attorney. Their mail included a PDF document with the waybill and a commercial invoice.

Shortly after filling out the online form they asked me for more information about the shipment (also an online form) where I uploaded the commercial invoice they sent me in the first place.

The current status is
Clearance processing complete at COLOGNE - GERMANY

I had to provide my telephone number but they didn’t contact me so I hope everything is in order and the package will be delivered soon.

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I had to reply to their email, sending my VAT number, Revopoint’s Invoice and a printscreen of the two credit card payments (one for the KS, the other for the Customs)

Customs has released the package and should be here this week.

DHL in Switzerland are also a pain with unreasonable charges as you say! I have had problems with charges from UPS as well but my Mini arrived here hassle free. The standard Swiss postal service are best overall.

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I tend to agree with this. At least in my country, DHL Express service is just some local company that handles DHL packages, it’s not owned by DHL. So they always add some extra expenses to the delivery in order to get more money. Extremely shady, and because they will always charge me something anyway I prefer to just handle the expenses myself, instead of paying extra for Revopoint to add it to their service.

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I don’t remember exactly all the details, but I only received an email from DHL Express Portugal - Portal Aduaneiro and added some details and it went directly to my adress, but I choose to pay customs fees and taxes directly to kickstarter (Prepaid Taxes × 1 $87.40)

It has been delivered on Oct 10th - so far no invoice and no additional costs.

Also recieved no extra charges