iPhone 15 and iOS 17

Hi all,
I have a Pop 2.
I hope someone can tell me if they have been able to run iOS 17 on the iPhone 15.

I can not seam to connect, I can connect it to my iPad that is running iOS 16


Hi Craig

I assume your issue is to find POP2 network on your iPhone 15 right ?

The iOS 17 update messed up something with the 5G WiFi network , lots of people have issues with it after the updates .
That is something Apple have to fix .

Reach out to the support center of your phone for more help .

POP2 network uses only 5G WiFi

Ipad Mini 6 works fine with update as of yesterday.

With Range and Mini.

I just saw issues from people using iPhone 15 after updates , with many other 5G networks not only with scanners .

Will the iPhone 15 pro with usb-c be able to work via usb instead of wifi?

I already failed today to try and set up the connection via wifi. Guess I need to dig around for whatever complex work around there might be to get it working.

Hi @bcoyle

No, it will not works … only WiFi
There is more needed than just USB C and that means collaboration with Apple