Does the Range work with the Iphone15 USB-C?

Hello All!

First post here as I haven’t seen an answer through search. Does anyone know if the Range can now be used with the iPhone 15 usb-c connection instead of wifi?

If so, does it still need to be powered separately by the USB power bank or will the single cable suffice?

Thank you!

Not it can’t … just because it uses USB C means nothing … there are other reasons for that … that why for now only via WiFi

Ok :+1:t4: thank you for the reply. I was hoping for a hardline as an alternative to wifi but that will work for now.

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Without Apple being involved in it , it simple can’t … you know they don’t allows random devices to be connected without proper licensing what is expensive…

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You’re absolutely right. I didn’t think about the licensing aspect. Well I’m glad at least it works! Thanks!

iPad Pro has had USB-C for years and none of the Revopoint scanners will work cabled. As PUTV says, for hard connections a device has to be Mfi certified (unless it’s something dumb like a pen drive or an HDMI converter) which costs $$$. They then have to pay Apple $$$ for every device they sell.

WiFi works just fine though.

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