【iOS】Revo Assistant 1.3.0

Hello everyone, Revo Assistant 1.3.0 for mobiles is now online.

Download it from your phone’s app store by searching for Revo Assistant.

Update Notes:

  1. Adds an advanced mode for greater control over the Dual-axis Turntable.

This new feature allows users to create and save customized presets for the Dual-axis Turntable to control the rotation direction, angle, speed, and number of rotation turns.

Basic Operations:

(1) Create a New Template:

Tap Advanced, then tap the “Add New Preset” button to set the preset’s name.

(2) Parameter Settings:

Set the required rotation direction, angle, speed, and number of rotations.

(3) Template/Preset Selection:

Choose either a custom preset or tap on the “Defaults” in the top-right corner to select a template.

(4) Template Usage:

Tap “Start” or “Pause” to start or pause the process. While paused, you can modify the parameters of custom presets. Tap “Reset” to return the Dual-axis Turntable to a horizontal position.


There is not update available for Android in the Store or website ?

Only iOS new version is available .

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Currently only for iOS. Thanks for reminding us of this!


Looking good.
Will this eventually make it into Revo scan 5?


Hi Jermual @Xile6

Yes, we have this plan. Looking forward to seeing it in future software versions. Thank you!

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