Miraco customs issue

I just received an email from DHL ( Spain/Europe), i have to make an statement about ROHS/ RAEE compliance, so as an importer i have to sign up in an industrial record, that means that i have to pay around 1000 €, so i can import the scanner. Why? why you guys from Revopoint choose a company like DHL? what i’m supposed to do now? the package will be in customs for 10 days, they will charge me an amount because they have to store the package and then they will send it back to you, i have payed the duties an taxes and the 15$ already, are you going to resent my reward? or refund my money? please i need a solution in this matter. thanks

Import TAX in EU cost between 10-21% for everyone based on the original price , so where they got €1000 from ? As an individual importer you own them 12% and nothing else but since you already paid what you should paid , please write to customer@revopoint3d.com for further instructions how to handle that .

Sorry but I can’t help you here with it in the forum , we don’t handle customer orders here , that is the sales team at customer@revopoint3d.com

Additional information:
Shipping From China to Spain – Frequently Asked Questions:

What import taxes will I have to pay at Spanish customs?

Spanish customs applies a value-added tax of between 10% and 21% of the value of your merchandise, depending on what items you’re importing. You may also need to pay customs and excise duties, as well as other fees. The good news is that Spain also allows imports of some items duty-free. This includes items such as laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras, and game consoles.

I’m not talking about VAT. The duties i’m talking, are about electronic apparatus and batteries, as an importer ( even if it’s only one product and i’m its final user) i have to make sure the scanner will be recycle properly in the future ( that’s also because apparently the scanner it’s not marked as CE) thats why i have to register my company in an industrial record and that registry is what cost 1000 € ( and it’s an amount per year) This is actually a thing applied to companies but in the near future will be applied to everyone in Europe

So, Revopoint knows nothing about this matter? because i saw no warning about it, and how i’m supposed to deal with this now?

Weird, apart from the rates, the tax rules for import are the same within the EU. I received my Miraco from DHL without any issues. I’m in the Netherlands

I see you trying to put the fault on Recopoint but in reality it was your mistake . The scanner is market as CE and not one of my Spanish friends have to pay recycling fees of €1000 , because they did not imported it as a company … what makes you take this route? Without informing yourself as a company owner about the regulations .

for the actual support you need to write to customer@revopoint3d.com and ask for assistance .

But don’t expect Revopoint going to pay you that company fee … unrealistic
Better deni the goods and wait until EU store have it in their warehouse, so they can send it to you to avoid this fees of yours .

But if they going to do that , it is up to Revopoint , I can’t make here any decision on that .
I will let the team know about your issue tonight when the office is open . So they go back at you with better solution .

Next time if you want to get your money back on your Company TAX return , just order direct in Europe … easy way without import fees …

No, no, i don’t expect Revopoint to pay any fee, that’s unrealistic and make nonsense.
I’m not paying it either, it’s totally crazy, the regulation treat every company the same way, it does not care if you are importing one device or ten thousand.
It’s good to know it’s marked as EC, that might be a solution in my case.
I took this route because my company payed for it and i have to justify the expense.
I don`'t expect you to fix this, i just show my case into the community to see if someone it’s in the same spot, if someone has figure out how to solve it without facing the high fee and i also hope my case warns everyone in the community so they can avoid taking my path

Yes that is crazy to be honest , but from a Company view this makes sense , this regulation is made for companies that importing lots of goods , total different situation …

Sorry that it happened to you and you was not aware of it …

But in that case I would not participate in KS projects as a company in the future and order it direct in Europe . Then you can get your cost back on your tax return without paying the extras for nothing .

I will make sure the team check your issue tonight and they may have better solution to it … Around 14h from now on

Ja, dat klopt voor persoonlijke aankopen, maar niet als bedrijf.
Leuke verrassing, zeg

I send them an email yesterday but as you say they are not back to work until tomorrow.

Thanks for your help and merry xmas!!

No problem, I will keep an eye on it , Merry Christmas :christmas_tree: