INSPIRE rewards

I pledged for the INSPIRE, completed the survery, etc. Today I received an odd email from 3DMAKERPRO:

[3DMAKERPRO logo here]
Exciting news! Around 1,000 units are packed and on their way. We’ve prepared a delivery schedule to keep you updated…

The email went on to list s:

Looks to me as if they are describing the INSPIRE items.

I have not purchased anything from 3DMAKERPRO. Is RevoPoint the same company as 3DMAKERPRO?

3dmakerpro is shipping the first batch of their new scanners Seal and Seal lite, which specswise should (they claim!)be in the ballpark of MINI and they made the announcement of that shipping. They offer both a turntable and a handle/grip for portable scanning .Maybe you applied for some newsletter about those scanners as I did.

3dmakerpro has nothing to do with Revopoint but rather Creality (mostly known for 3d printers)and they have has been putting out different 3d scanners in the past that weren’t up to neither claims/specs not the usability due to their software. Also customer service of doubtful quality - which unfortunately in my experience always was the case when dealing with Creality products. They still have to proove their claims on these scanners and I didn’t see any yet but rather skewed scanned and lacking of details MINI gives.

Just a bit of a warning as I’be been following that company since their first products and what I’ve seen and read so far didn’t impress me but rather made me happy I sticked with Revopoint as a company and their products with quality and engangement also in customer support unmatched by any other chinese company I had to deal with.

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No it is not …

My Personal opinion :

Lets address the elephant in the room
3DMAKERSPRO trying to eliminate REVOPOINT products from the market by creating copycat scans, making fake reviews , paying users to create fake videos bashing Revopoint products , lie about their capacity , steal copyrighted software codes and deceiving everyone . Stay away from that company and their fake products .

I just wondering how they go your email .
Sine it looks you landed on their Kick Starter mailing list … did they hacked KS ?

It is getting too much lately, it is a battle, if you have a fantastic product you don’t have to user others to bash their products , Revopoint never do that to any other company and always downgrade own products specifications even if the device is double better as they did with INSPIRE , but 3DMSRKERPRO is just the dirty tactic company that don’t get from me a penny …

It is against the forum TOS to discuss other companies or their products but I will make here an exception, as I have truly enough of what is going on lately with them and their dirty marketing propaganda against Revopoint .

The world is big enough to host other companies products , not need to get dirty , but the greed is strong …

Karma going to pay out sooner or later …


It’s utterly disgusting how they act. I really feel sorry for people who buy their products on the back of their fake reviews and scans.


I have to admit that I was tempted by the Ferret several months ago, so I joined several FB groups just to see how things were going and it was pretty shocking. If I got a lesson learnt, it was definitely to appreciate Revopoint’s quality.

The scanners are better, the SW has a roadmap and is getting better on every iteration (unlike theirs), old products are kept properly maintained (unlike theirs), and last but not least, the level of Revopoint’s customer support is just on another league.


I can also add a russian company that presents “its new” product, which is a copy of Revopoint Range.

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Wow, it really is a copy isn’t it. Even down to the clip-in hotshoe style mount for the tripod.

Hi Nick

I need to confirm if it is a copy or an official reselling company , there are many companies that selling Revopoint products around the world with customized software and hardware .

@Nick_Ukrainian and @Rilot

The Russian company are official reselling company of Range , no copy cats …
Just checked with the team to be sure .

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Good to know. I wasn’t aware that Revopoint allowed others to OEM their products.

Hi @drkenb ,

We have never disclosed any customer information, and we would NEVER provide it to our competitors like 3DMakerPro, which is completely unrelated to us.

Could you kindly double-check whether you have ever shared any of your information with them before or clicked on their ads?

If not, it’s indeed quite puzzling how they could obtain our customers’ email addresses. :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

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Elegoo sells also Revopoint products and many others .
Revopoint is a manufacturer company producing and designing own products , not a reseller company . Total different branch .

Seems my question hit a nerve…

I simply wanted to assure myself that Revopoint was NOT in any way, shape or form associated with 3DMAKERPRO or Creality or any other brands manufactured by the same company. Glad to hear they are not!!! :grin:

I have not ordered anything from them, have not shared anything with them, looked (briefly) at them & their products when I was getting ready to make my first purchase and they were never seriously considered. I also do not think anyone at RevoPoint shared my information with them (not sure why that ever cropped up in this forum). They more than likely got my information from any of the millions of sales databases sold on the net. I get tons of junk mail, so I just assume that anything I get from them is just like any other junk mail I get from thousands of others trying to rip me off. Thank you, ChatGPT…

It was simply odd that I would get that email from them at this time. So something is up, and it is most likely what has been postulated here in this forum string.

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Hi @drkenb

Thank you for sharing the updated information.

It’s indeed surprising to see that they were able to reach out to our customers. :sweat_smile: