The INSPIRE project concluded successfully with 3,801 backers

A heartfelt thank you for your unwavering support and belief in our Revopoint INSPIRE project. We’ve successfully completed our funding phase, raising over $1,270,000 with the help of more than 3,800 backers!

If you missed the INSPIRE on Kickstarter, you can now pre-order it on our website.

US: Revopoint INSPIRE: User-friendly Cost-effective 3D Scanner for 3D Prin
Global: Revopoint INSPIRE: User-friendly Cost-effective 3D Scanner for 3D Prin


I assume that the shipment will start by end of September. Do you have any country based plan ?
Mine will be sent to my friend at Australia. But he’ll be there just until second week of November. If any delay is foreseen for Australia which might cause delivery after second week of November, I might need to change address.

I would appreciate an answer @Revopoint-Jane

Hello @ilkeraktuna
I’m very sorry for responding so late. Just got back to the office.
We’ll be shipping at the end of September, with an estimate of Australia receiving it in early October, so November is perfectly adequate, so you don’t have to worry.
Thank you very much for your support.

thanks for confirming. Btw, I still did not receive the survey for address. I didn’t miss it I hope ?

Hello @ilkeraktuna ,
Yes, we will send survey for address to each Backer as soon as possible, thank you for your patience.

@Revopoint-Jane , now I received the survey for address.
and I see an option to handle the customs process for me. Does that mean that the scanner will be sent through DHL with the DTP (duty tax paid) option , if I pay additional 15$ ?
If so, I can select to ship directly to myself in Turkey instead of my friend in Australia. And as it will be a direct shipment, it will mean that I will receive earlier (because if I ship to my friend, he will bring it to me in November)
If you can confirm that DHL will handle duties and customs process and tax, I will choose to ship directly to Turkey with that option.

That is very important for me. Please let me know. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @ilkeraktuna
Yes, if you paid $15, the tax will be calculated automatically and deducted together when you submit. We will ship it via DDP, you just have to wait for the delivery, no need to handle all these issues.

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that’s great. (I’m so happy now , I will receive it earlier)
just sent the survey…

@Revopoint-Jane I have another question;
I have bought the mobile kit for my POP 1 scanner, so I did not add it as an addon to INSPIRE order.
But the INSPIRE has a USB-C port. So shall I need a new cable to use with my mobile phone ?
I don’t want to buy another mobile kit. I just need a Y cable for INSPIRE. Is it included in the base package ? If not, I will have to make that cable myself as a preparation.

Hello @ilkeraktuna
Yes, due to the different hardware structure between POP and INSPIRE, you will need a new cable to connect INSPIRE to your mobile phone. INSPIRE does not support self-prepared cables, so you will need to purchase a new mobile kit. You can add it to the survey, and the survey should still be editable.

@Revopoint-Jane it’s a pity that a simple cable is not included in the package. Most of us already have the mobile kit and do not want to increase the costs by purchasing it again.
Besides, in the original POP 1 package there was a Y cable included (not a mobile kit with battery but only a cable), I really don’t understand why it is not included now with INSPIRE.

Anyway, I think I can manage to build a Y cable for myself.

Hi, I sent you a message in chat, please check it out.