I'm excited to join!

After Revopoint Sales kindly pointed out I would be better off with a Mini for my purpose, instead of a Range, I’ve just ordered from geekbuying.com.

I’m so excited, because at long last the technology has become mature and affordable for me to scan my wife’s baked clay sculptures. I’m also going to order the state of the art Bambu Labs Xq1 Carbon 3D printer.

I am going to be so pleased!!

I’m sure to come here with questions as soon as it arrives and I find time to start scanning.

In fact, here’s already one question I just now mailed to Revopoint Sales, and I’m impatient for an answer:

As my wife’s clay sculptures can weigh more than 10kg, I have no use for the included turntable, but the price of the large 200kg turntable is too much. Does a motorised turntable actually also produce better scans? Or does it just save effort? Is a manual turntable (e.g. for indoor plants) also a good option?

What are your 2 cents?

Manual turntable works fine you can build your own markers pattern if your objects have low features for example

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I’m choosing my first 3D. But Bambu is too pricey for me. I’ve read the article best 3D printer and tried to choose smth cheaper. Which one can you recommend?

Bambu A1 is not expensive