How to overcome the distance limitation?

Dear All,
I am using iPhone LiDAR to 3D scan small size bridges. As its distance range is upto 5m, we could scan most of the small size bridge. However, its accuracy was not good!
We’d like to buy a couple of revopoint range to do the job with better accuracy.
However, we found that the max distance range is only 0.8 m.

  1. why revopoint range has far less range to iPhone LiDAR? Is it due to infrared vs. laser? I thought both are class 1.
  2. Is there anyway we can use revopoint range for such a remote scanning (building or bridge) with lesser resolution? or it is not possible due to the range limitation?
  3. If we use Revo App in smartphone and longer pole to maintain 0.8 m range, can we scan those small bridges or small house? I assume to use the in phone memory.

Thanks in advance.

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Range uses Infrared pattern that is projected on the surface , completely different technology here . The Depth camera sensors are not able to collect data at 4 meters because the infrared is too weak , plus the distance between the sensors is too narrow .
To scanning at 4 m , you would need the sensors to be at double distance apart from each other to get proper data and in place of infrared maybe different type of laser .

Range offers a Large object scanning at 1 m maximum with the proper settings .
Structured light scanners needed features for tracking , so you can’t scan flat walls with it , there need to be at least features at 8cm apart from each other to be able to scan anything .
I don’t think that is the right tool for your needs .
You also can’t use multiple scanners at once in the same session .

The maximum you can do is scanning a wall at home at 6x8 ft dimension if you have enough tracking features in it .