How to get scale of object scanned?

Hi, after creating a 3d model using Revopoint Mini, I am trying to use the 3D model in my project using open3d to do ICP with a surface scan of the object. After ICP I noticed that scale values (size) of 3d model (from Revo) and point cloud from another camera are not matching. Another camera scale is known (its in mm). Now how can I get scale of Revo model? So that both model and point cloud are in same size.

CloudComapre (free tool) can do that for u

Hi, thanks for the reply. Here we need to set a scale ourselves right? But since the Revo scanner is scanning and getting true dimension at sub mm accuracy, can we tap this information some how? Mesh exported have any meta data on scale? I believe this information should be available some where to enable 3D printing to replicate an object exactly.

Hi @Jerin I am not sure what are you looking for , any exported obj already includes the proper scale in mm, just open it with text editor to tab the meta data , maybe you exporting as STL that do not include this kind of informations .

Ya, my bad, there was a preprocessing step added to shift origin of 3d model to origin, there was a scaling also there before saving, this caused problem I faced, I was looking at this preprocessed file,sorry. Ya, on using original file, I can see values in mm and able to match with point cloud from other 3d camera. Thanks.

Glad you found the issue … !