How much customs did you pay?

Question to the community (Germans only, tho):

If you’ve got yours already: How much tax/customs did you pay?
And how did you pay it?

Am curious, cause not only it has been a while (years) since I had to pay (most packages from China are either already taken care of or declared a gift). Last time I still needed to pay cash at the door, or fetch it at the post office (after standing a few hours in line*).
So… can I finally use my card, and if not how much cash do I need to have at hand?
In the current time I’d rather not standing in line at an post office if avoidable. Especially since I avoided to leave my home this year, with whole pandemic going round*², so far.

*= I swear every time I show up the whole city seems to get some, and the few office workers move at glacial speed… or so it seems/feels at least.
*²= If majority did as I did, maybe pandemic would be over by now.

In case someone else is still interested my invoice is 49.28€ including tax. I hate that I had to pay the extra 12.50€ (included in above) just because my 2FA of my card disagreed with FedEx leaving me unable to make an account there (after two failed tries, the bank blocked any further try)

Image of invoice

Well, in my case (Swietzerland) I had to pay for my package (containing two pop scanners, one turntable) as following


Thanks, even if it isn’t that much of an help.
(I don’t mean any offense, but it is what it is)
I guess I need around 50€ (with VAT 19% here).
7.7% … you really want me become green with envy, huh? :yum:
I hope I don’t need to pay at the door in cash, tho. (Sometimes Germany can be such a backwater country)

sorry, it doesn’t help you. I hoped it might give you some kind of hint. yeah, VAT is quite low here :speak_no_evil:

I think it didn’t came along as I meant it.
It does help, but only a little.
But it is only a little more than hints since VAT and customs are completely different.
Well, you went through all the trouble to scan the invoice and I still sound like an unappreciating ahole, which I actually don’t meant to.

In any EU country you will most likely have to pay your local VAT (for product AND shipping) + handling fees (for processing and customs clearance) + transport (from customs to your home).

So the price you’ll have to pay on top of what you already paid via kickstarter will vary, depending on your country, the handling company and the transport company …

I hadn’t had to do this myself for quite some time as usually this is already taken care of by the seller/shipper.

On kickstarter, there’s quite often an “EU friendly” shipping method, where the items for all the EU backers will be imported centrally and distributed within the EU, which will save time and money.


no, please don’t feel sorry as I don’t feel offended or have any negative feelings :slightly_smiling_face::beers:

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I didn’t get any invoice yet from FedEx… ( also Switzerland) :thinking:

sometimes it takes them many weeks to send you one😒

Seems typical.
I also wonder why FedEx decided to show my parcel the world. I might understand the stops in China, but the several in Japan, Canada and the US… Maybe my customs is payed in frequent flyer miles … -_-

LOL :rofl: (20characters)

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Personally, when I receive an item from China by express shipment, I spend 99% of the time paying customs fees (and of course the exorbitant Fedex fees for paying me customs no matter which company sends to me.)

This time, despite the fact that my package lost 4 days walking in France thanks to their incompetence (of Fedex!) I did not have to pay the customs fees.

But in a normal situation, the costs amount to the VAT of your country + the Fedex costs which run between 12 and 25 €.

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I hope this is not the guy from Cast Away who has your package :slight_smile: With FedEx you can have many surprises …
They are the fastest… when everything works perfectly :slight_smile:

Castaway… good one.
The stuff I got in recent years from China is either taken care off by the sender or declared as a gift (not my choice, tho).
But I don’t think customs bothers if it’s small and it’s value is less than 5€ (not that I think the people there are qualified to tell) including shipping.
Edit: Yeah, FedEx still claims they’ll deliver it till tomorrow noon (local time), but I kinda don’t see happen with the package still (3pm my local time 8am there) in Memphis Tennessee US of A, while I am (as the destination) in Germany … And it still hasn’t seen customs. Maybe I get it as air supply drop…

I just received my package (Germany, Darmstadt). The FedEx delivery man just handed the package. No invoice YET!

Didn’t get the notification of your post.
But same here. Just got mine, too. Also no invoice so far. Guess I did panic for nothing.
Last time I was in such a situation package was and could only delivered by Deutsche Post, and you had to pay in cash at the door, or get it at the office.
Now, I don’t expect the invoice before Monday anyway. Or maybe a week later.
Did try to avoid the invoice hassle by creating a FedEx account. But 2FA screwed me over. (Needed to confirm the payment within a minute or so, but didn’t got a notification of the app, so it got declined…permanently)

I think the scenic route my package took is funny.

I always get fedex invoice “some time” later. it can be days or couple of weeks later :confused:

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Meh, I got my device. (They lost their hostage)

So if they now take their sweet time, then so will I. I’m not in any hurry to part from my money.


What happens if we don’t pay the vat after receiving the parcel?

personally, I had ordered something more than a year ago in express 48h, I had the parcel 10 days later because it was going around France … 1 month later I received an invoice from FedEx for customs and the famous 25 € FedEx fee because they explain to you that they pay customs for you “to go faster” … I never paid, I received a reminder a month later and since nothing