Best Approach to fill holes with Scans by Revo

Hello, I would like to fill holes and curved sections in a symmetric figure in a hard section to reach by the scanner using feature mode.
Following you can see the figure fused

And next when is meshed using plane fill holes tool by Revo.

As you can see, the fill holes tool work but I think that the result could improve.

How would you proceed in this escenario? Have a good day

You used plane mode for fixing organic shape … not good , plane mode is for flat surface .

However since you missed part like that I don’t think fixing holes will fix that , it is not a reconstruction of a missing parts , it is a hole closer function on a flat or round surface so don’t expect this to reconstruct your missing parts .

Scan it better or create reverse engineering model based on this scan as normally everyone would do .

Or edit the area manually with some sculpting brush in your 3D modeling software .

I reconstruct that in MeshMixer with some Bridges.