High quality screen shots

Just taking some screen shots in RevoScan 5.4.2 on my pc and though useful, I’m wondering if we could have the option of a higher quality image.

It’s great for posting pics on Facebook but not so good if you want to showcase your scans elsewhere.

This is of course unless I’m missing a trick somewhere.

Thank you

RevoScan jpg screen shot vs Snipping Tool png

The difference you’re seeing is down to the fact that the Revoscan screenshot is captured as a JPEG and the Snipping Tool captures as PNG, which is an uncompressed format.

If you’re wanting to showcase your work, it’s best practice to zoom into the feature(s) you’re wanting to highlight and then take the capture.

I’d also recommend importing your model into a dedicated 3d viewer for detail capture. Revoscan doesn’t render at the highest quality, which is fantastic for general compatibility, but hides the details in scans.

Below are images taken of the exact same model

Though you could also capture using the PrintScreen button, which saves directly to a screenshots folder in your PC? This would also save as PNG without compression artifacts.

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Snipping Tool creates also compressed bad jpg files … that why I only use PNG , it would be great if we can choice the image format in Revo Scan as well to png

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I did check the snipping jpg, as you say not good quality at all, had exactly the same pixelations as Revoscan. Maybe a drop down would work.

My snipping tool saves as PNG. You guys had me confused for a moment.

It turns out if you use the “Save As” function in Snipping Tool you can select PNG, and from there it will remeber that and save future captures as PNG files.


Yes , the original setting was on jpg … I changed it to png .
Sadly there is not an option to do that in Revo Scan … the jpg should be at least at full quality without any compression , or added an option while selecting a saving path .