I have updated my project of design a handle for REVOPOINT POP & POP 2 3D with a mobile phone and the original powerbank included in the Premium Kit turning it to an autonomous set to scan more comfortably.

The link of thingiverse: Handle to be used with REVOPOINT POP & POP2 3D scanner by JJCHACON - Thingiverse

This project is still a Work-In-Progress… Now I have developed the 2nd version and its very functional… its near to be finished.

If somebody wanna suggest ideas or modifications may tell me replying this message.


Impressive design. I expect the cable guides are very useful.

You said this is a work in progress, so are you going to add a trigger assembly to work the Start/Pause button?

Thanks so much for your support.

The implementation of a mechanism to actuate over play/pause button is an interesting idea.

I will study it and try to do.


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Be sure to put the axle close to the button and brace against the front of the POP’s case (that button likes a firm press).

OK… I will keep it in mind…

Yo can see the new work in progress of a new geometry handle with shutter in the link:

or… you can see my new post in this forum.


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