FPS on iPad and iPhone keeps dropping down

IOS frame rate has gone TU again for me.
Tried combination of Range, Mini, iPhone 12 and iPad mini 6.
FPS has degraded to 6 in standard mode and 5 in high mode.
Not using marker mode.
Any ideas?

The speed is related to your iPad mini 6 /WiFi and how fast the iPad can process the data . Since it happening back and forth on your device , something in the system slowing down the process , and if you get only 6 FPS in standard mode then looks like the system is heavily busy with something else . I would check what else is running there at the same time that needs so much resources.

P.S we should get a new version tonight or tomorrow I think , it may improve things after new installation.

Thanks for the reply Pop.
I had this low frame rate issue a few weeks ago with the Mini.
For some reason it righted itself and was giving 13 ishFPS.
I put it down at the time to the extenal wifi dongle on my workstation swamping the signal.
Not the case today. Workstation powered off.
Started restarted devices, swapped between Mini and Range.
Exactly the same. Capturing around 150 frames on a 30 second scan.
Am lost on why its up and down.
Will have another play in the morning.

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Hmm that is very weird what is going on , you should get warning code with that speed , I know that sometimes the mobile apps even on Android showing totally different frame count that it really is , I even go and count the frames what was 360 and not 200 as indicated in the app .
Unless you see the real time speed in real time on the app .

Sometimes the algorithms removing the overlapped frames while scanning that are not necessary to complete the scan .

So make sure the realtime speed showing the delay to be 100% sure if that has to do with WiFi or how fast it can write down the data to your hard drive , in that case it will use the RAM to temporary place the frames before writing it down .
So make sure nothing affect the RAM usage .

Since you mentioned fall of the rate on both devices … something may interrupt the WiFi signal between the device and scanner .

At the mo it’s a mystery. Will have another look into the prob in the morning. One thing I also tried today that did not help was another power supply for the scanners.
Since I noted good FPS a few weeks ago there has been Revo and IOS updates. Win 10 on Wi-Fi today was acceptable at ± 11 FPS.

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It fall down a little bit with the last update from 14 to around 10 FPS for me on Windows 10 using Range , however it was 17.9 FPS using standard mode what I am not using often this mode .

The speed of frames can only affect the tracking while handheld scanning , for stationery scanning with turntable it is even ok at 5FPS .

A full scan need minimal 12 frames for one 360 degrees horizontal capture if the object is fully visible in the frame .

However when handheld, the greater the amount of frames per second, how smoother the capturing process .

Note that all the additional frames will be removed in the fusing process anyway as the amount of frames to not influence the quality .

Anyway looking forward to see what you came up with tomorrow after trying different setups.

Well nothing I have tried today has helped.
Both devices and both Mini and Range 5-6 FPS.
Can nearly scrape 7 FPS with Mini with exposure turned down to zero. Prob is then can’t scan anything.
A bit lost on what to try next.
Only thing that has changed over the last couple of weeks is IOS system update and Revo update.

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Problem solved.
Nothing more than not enough light.
Having said that the exposure slider is wildly too course.
With some lighting the object can be blue at a setting of one and severely red at a setting of 2.
The more the exposure is turned up the less frames are captured
It needs looking into.

When you scanning with MINI it is critical, the amount of light affects everything no matter window light or even LED , with Range the indoor light don’t affect it too much .

Did you got the new update RS5 for win and Mac ? , it have again automatic depth cam exposure , just select the blue frame on top of your object and let the software manage it . Hopefully we get it soon on mobile apps .

The frame rate is also affected be the size of the object you are scanning , so scanning an apple with Range vs a Painting will affect the frame speed that is not always consistent.

All my scanning has been done in the workshop with LED lighting.
Auto exposure on new update tends to wander a bit.
Need more time with it.
The slider on IOS could do with calming down a bit.

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