Flashing old Firmware to the Miraco?

Okay, after a Week I did not get response from the Support.

I want to ask if there is a way to backflash the Firmware, as with V1.0.1.153 the Miraco is useless?

The point is that still the tracking is bad, RGB Camera did not improve, and the frame capturing is getting worse.
Project handling is getting more buggy than the old Firmware.

Let me clarify some aspects.

The handling of the projects inside Miraco is a disaster!
Why you are starting with the scanning screen after Startup, but are in the last opened Project? Where is the Home screen? There is no Home screen button in any stage of scanning! Why? Empty folders are created, but never deleted. Projects are for no reason gone!!!

Why is the Quality of Processed Scans, completely different to what Revoscan can do?
Miraco’s Output is mush less Quality of what is Revoscan is doing. If there is no Processing Power to do inside the Miraco, so communicate it! Miraco is scanning, Revo is processing, everything is fine.

V1.0.1.153 Frame Capturing! If you have miss-alignments, and go backwards, first press is 1 Frame, 2nd 5 Frame, 3rd, 10 frames… After this Miraco freezes for some time, nothing happens, press a view more times… nothing. Hole Project is gone, but you still see the Point cloud and can turn around it. If you leave the Project, nothing still left! I am not talking about 100 Frames, I am talking about 1000-5000 Fames / 1-2 Hrs. Of Scanning!!! And to be clear, I don’t want to Process on the Miraco.

The RGB Camera is really Crap, What ever you call it “Light hungry”. 64Mp is not far reached. Sure Textures are cropped to the 3D Points, but I have never seen a worse Camera. Any Cellphone for 50 Bucks are doing mush better pictures even in night situations. 8K Textures are maybe possible with large Objects, but far away from a Photorealistic Texture. Texture blending is a disaster, If implemented a 64Mpix Camera, Binning is not implemented! How could you, if you are cropping directly after the sensor input.
This was the main selling Point for the Miraco! 64Mpix, 8K Texture!

If there is maybe a 8K Texture calculated, there is no possibility to export it with High Polycount with Texture! Not even in Revoscan.
The best way is to export your 3D Object is with Vertex Colors in 8 Bit! Wonderful!
The Hi Rez Model you can’t get with the Texture, is just a Low Rez Model with far less Polygons (Low Poly) as the Vertice Color Model. Why?

You should be clear of what your Products are able to do. The Miraco is just for scanning, not as final Product. All your efforts are lost here with trying to do a full scan with the Miraco. You have to use Revoscan.

Keep clear and honest with your Product. Now one did ever scan a Helicopter with marker points or by Feature. Don’t tell people this story, in case it doesn’t work.

Try to fix the Basics. Project Management and UI would be the first you should fix, to not record, nothing to the Project.

Fix the possibilities! RGB Cam, Tracking for the Recording. Leave the unnecessary stuff like processing final results on the Device. There is no possibility to send it by Email, WhatsApp, or by FTP. Pretty mush useless for everyone. We all have to finally Pipe it through Revoscan.

Okay Final Question?
Is there a way to downgrade the Firmware of the Miraco to get this working?
If not… Is there a way to get Beta/ Alpha Updates, with NDA? If not, my Device seems to be bricked to the next Update with is I am sure not addressing the Points., and not really useful.

Thank you ,


You can’t flashback the firmware , you will need to ask the technical team if they could do that for you , I will tag @Revopoint-Jane to answer you the questions when she is back in the office on Monday .

??? Still nothing.

Hi Gerrit , can you drop email to customer@revopoint3d.com ? Add the link to the thread .

I will leave a note to check on you .

Hi @GerritCorsmeyer

Please don’t worry. I apologize for missing your post.

I’ll make sure to follow up with the development team regarding the questions you’ve raised and get back to you with a response soon.

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Hi @GerritCorsmeyer

We have just released a software update for MIRACO. You can update and see if it helps.

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