Finding curvature of a scanned object

Hi! So I am relatively new to the Revoscan technology. I have recently been scanning boxing gloves. Now that I have that completed, I am trying to find thr curvature of the gloves at various points using the Revoscan technology (ideally). If anyone knows how/if it’s possible to get these numbers within the Revoscan program directly, please let me know and any help is greatly appreciated! Also, if it’s not possible to do, does anyone have any suggestions on different ways I could go about solving this problem? Thank you so so much!

Revoscan is (for now)“only” a pure scanning and meshing software. For postprocessing you need other software.

For you task I would advise you to try Fusion 360 - there is a free version of it.

Normally you import your mesh (stl, obj,…),mostly have to reduce thepolycount for better performance (you can reduce polys in Revoscan prior to importing in fusion 360,too) .
You align the object to your likings and then using mesh sections you “extract” cross sections of the mesh in the plane you need (as splines) to use it for further reverse engineering in fusion 360 or exporting as dxf or dwg-file for use in other software.

there are many videos on youtube for that. let us know if you have further questions.

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