Batch processing meshes skips hole filling

When I create meshes using batch processing, the holes in the first scan are filled, but the second scan is meshed without filling the holes.
So when I want to create closed meshes, I cannot use batch processing.

Probably a bug … I don’t use batch processing to close holes as not all holes are the same, one needs flat mode others round mode …and only you can determine what type of surface you closing

When I do rough and fast scanning (and I do that often), flat or curved hole filling does not make a difference for me, and batch processing makes things easier.
It would also be nice if mesh simplification would work in batches.
But for more precise scanning I do not use batch processing either.

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I will tag in @Revopoint-Jane to take a note about this bug in batch processing .

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Hi @PodoTools

This may be a bug. i will report this issue.

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