Feature request - IP addressing

I’d like to request that a feature be added to Revoscan.

I would like to be able to specify the IP address that Revoscan tries to contact to connect to the scanner in client mode. At the moment, it does a scan of the local subnet to try and find the camera. This is fine unless your wifi is on a different subnet to the device you want to scan from.

For example, my PC is on but my 5GHz WiFi is on a 20 subnet so the scanner gets The two subnets are routable so there’s no issue there it’s just that there is no control over where Revoscan looks for the scanner.

Through the router DHCP server manually assign an IP to your scanner MAC Address.

Yes, the router assigns an IP address. I have 5 VLANs on different subnets.

How complex is your network implementation? I’m guessing it is not a home or small business setup because I’ve only ever seen addresses with 196.168.0 or 1 (usually 1, these days).N, where N ranges from 1 to 250, usually.

Not very complex at all. 5 VLANs, all routable. Separate VLANs for IOT stuff, high-speed WiFi, guest WiFi, wired devices, and core infrastructure.
Most environments will separate WiFi and Wired devices on to different VLANs. Sure, not home setups but then they tend to only have a few devices.