Fast vs High Accuracy mode using a POP2

This has probably been hashed out in the past but I could not find the exact information. What is the difference between Fast and High Accuracy mode?

Also during a test scan using the FAST mode, I had good tracking using the “DARK” with “RGB” mode of a furry object (cat) but had 0% tracking using the “FEATURE” with “RGB” mode. Is the DARK mode using the RGB camera to help with tracking? Why is there such a difference in tracking accuracy between the different modes?

Fast tracking needs less points than High Accuracy, that why it is easier to scan objects, but you will get also less details .

I believe the fast mode has only 0.3mm accuracy .

You can try to scan your cat in a body mode at high accuracy , the results may be the same but slightly better resolution and better tracking .

The Dark mode use very high gain settings .
If you have issue scanning a darker object , increasing the gain may help but monitor the red areas .

Animals are not easy to scan in general since one little movement can lose the tracking , it is not that fur have much of features to keep the tracking consistent.

@PUTV thanks for the info. I wasn’t really trying to scan my cat per say, more along the lines of trying out the different modes since all I have used in the past was high accuracy and feature or marker mode. Most of the stuff I scan is for reverse engineering. But the cat was on the chair next to me and he has dark fur (orange and black rosettes) and seemed like a good “test subject”.

I guess what has confused me, is when I go to “fuse” the points, it still lets me process the model to .1mm accuracy. I would have figured that with the fast mode, it would have set the minimum default to .3mm if that is all that fast mode has to offer.

I will do some more testing, but it seems that most of the other modes are really targeted to scanning people.

Fusing point is about volume resolution , not accuracy .
Volume resolution is about the distance between the fused points . How closer they are , how more details the model have on the surface.

Volume accuracy is a precision of the points in space vs the real object .

So volume accuracy is something else than volume resolution .

It is like printing object on 3D printer , the nozzle size you printing with is the volume Accuracy ( how smaller it is how finer objects you can scan) , and the layer hight is the volume resolution ( how smaller it is how finer the details )

So using Fast mode is like using printing nozzle diameter 0.3mm with layer hight at 0.1mm

Compared to nozzle diameter of 0.05mm at layer hight of 0.1mm with High Accuracy mode .

As with printers , you can still print layer hight at 0.1Omm ( 0.15mm) when using nozzle diameter of 0.6mm …