Difference between accuracy modes

What exactly is the difference between Fast and High Accuracy?

  • number of samples?
  • resolution of the scan?
  • number of points in the point cloud
  • or maybe it’s just a preset for the Point cloud fusing tool to give more o less detailed point cloud?

Only for the POP 2 (the original POP doesn’t give you this choice), High Accuracy is the 0.1mm pitch and Fast is the original 0.3mm pitch.


Ok, so the scanning resolution then. Thanks :slight_smile:

Not so fast , the resolution depends of the meshing settings , in Revo Scan the maximum is 6 in Revo Studio the maximum is 7 what is 75% higher than 6 . However higher resolution don’t means you will get more details.

Higher accuracy means how far the points are from each other , the maximum accuracy for cloud point is 0.1mm in the Fast mode the accuracy starts at maximum 0.3mm , some claims high accuracy can be even at 0.5mm as long you fuse the cloud point in Revo Studio or other programs as Revo Scan offers fusion at 0.1mm only .

so this is about the Accuracy of the scanned model features / details to be exactly.
So if you want more details , always scan using Higher Accuracy and fuse the cloud point and mesh it in Revo Studio. Remember to remove overlapped points before meshing it .

Exacly - I meant the resolution of the point cloud, not the generated mesh :slight_smile:

It is spatial resolution aka point cloud density aka point cloud accuracy , all means the same