Exclusive Gift if backed POP and MINI = Dual-axis Turntable

Hello there, It was annonced from Revopoint when backing the MINI and have backed before POP or POP2 you get an “exclusive gift”: a Dual-axis Turntable.
I got an email with a link to fill out a form for this but when I open the link it says the form doesn´t take any more answers, contact the owner…
As I backed the POP" and the MINI:
How do I get the extra dual-axis turntable?
Please give a solution that it can be send with the MINI…

Hi Frank,
I have filled this forms long time ago, but for sure I have been sending the request to the revopoint support by the email. I put my baker number of Pop and Pop2 and for Mini and they answered wery fast.
I have been used this email customer@revopoint3d.com.
Best regards

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Thanks for the info, Martin!
Hope that works out…