Selling RevoPoint MINI with Dual Axis Turntable

Bought from Kickstarter, realized that I should’ve bought the POP2 as I need the ability to scan much larger than the Mini is capable of.

Comes with everything included in the Kickstarter and the turntable.

Used for probably 2-3 hours total.

Asking $750 CAD which at the moment is about $550 USD.

Willing to ship worldwide.

Hi Engreverse!

I have bought the pop 2 in june 2022. Used it one time but i have the same problem as you, but the way around😅…i need to scan ear impressions.
I have the simple package, not the premium one so are you willing to trade your mini with the pop2 that i have, only the body.

Let me know



hello. i am interested if you still have scanner for sale. Please let me know and i can post payment and shipping to you. I am located in california.