Using Mini scanner. Problem with output scale

I installed the latest scanning software on 02-24-2024.
I always test the scan by scanning a 20mm cube. When I import into my cad set in millimeters the cube comes in at 15 millimeters. I then calibrated the scanner and id does exactly the same thing. I didn’t have this problem before. This one has me scratching my head.
Anyone having this type of issue?

Hi @ndesomov since you already calibrated the MINI 1 , and the same results after the installation of the new software , I recommend you write to for technical hardware support .

Usually the size difference can be fixed using calibration , but if don’t , maybe you need firmware update and only technical support can determine that 100%.

There is nothing else you can do assuming you imported your scan correctly to your card software .

Don’t remove the troubleshooting project , please zip it and include it with your email for evaluation .