Did anyone get an update on FedEx?

I ordered from Kickstarter, and FedEx invoice was issued, but it says pickup is pending. It is presumed that it was not even shipped from the factory. The last news was that it will be shipped at the end of March, did anyone receive the product?

My number is KS-POP2-3464
There has been no update to the tracking history since 03/30/22.

From my experience with FedEx, they don’t update the tracking status until they are about to deliver the package. When the package is out for delivery is when they finally update it.

I got an email from Fedex suggesting I create an account so that I could manage my delivery. That email came the day before they changed the tracking status. The real reason for the email was that they wanted me to pay the taxes and their handling fee prior to them delivering. It doesn’t say this in their email, however, when I went to their web site to check the management of the shipment, that is when I found out it was on hold waiting for me to pay first.

Don’t know where you are but a week for shipping is not unusual. Shipping on mine to Canada took about 10 days.