Detect all surface of a symmetric figure using wrinkled paper

Hi, I have a question related to detect all the surface of a symmetric figure using Feature Mode and a wrinkled paper to improve detection.

The next scan is made by a RevoPoint Pop 3D using feature mode and wrinkled paper.

As you can see, the detection is very good but the top side of holes are not detected. My guess is that the wrinkled paper allows a better detection for all the surface, but when I focus on the top side of holes I lose track (because it does not have enough wealthy details to make the track).
Rotating 90° it does not solve the new ‘top side’ :

How would you proceed in this scenario? Have a good day thanks.

Scan 2 scans of the object in different position to archive full 3D object , the holes can’t be detected because the scanner can’t see it at that angle , scanning only one angle will never give you accurate model … especially if the object is not organic …

So try to scan second one and then after cleaning them and removing unwanted parts merge them together .

For a symmetric model like that i would scan it on its side against the paper. After you process the model you can mirror the scan to create a solid. Try to remember that you only get high quality data when it is aquired perpendicular to your object so you may need to vary your scanning angle as you go to ensure you fully capture all the details.