Dark or black scanning

Can anyone tell me can you scan say a black dog with the pop2

You can if you spray it with some dry shampoo :grin:… And if it stays still for quite a while

You need to use dark mode with a higher gain settings but not gonna be easy if the dog moving …
It also depends if the hair are short or long , shorter hair works better

@ivan it depends of the hair type , shiny or not and the amount of sebum they have , fresh washed and dried hair scan better than black hair washed day before .
It’s not much about the dark color , it about the amount of oil they absorbed .

I used white product for hair that make your hair white , but it was wax based so it was invisible to IR also . Wax absorbing IR no matter the color due to high value of IOR . ( Index of refraction)

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Always learning a LOT from you PUTV. Thx!

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