Creative / DIY Accessories and Solutions

I’m interested to see what kind of creative solutions fellow Inspire users have come up with for their personal workflows / use cases.

For example: I’m an odd one. My PC is a high end desktop workstation. As a result, my phone gets a lot of use for scanning. But I also don’t have the mobile kit.

When I’m home, I tend to use my scanner connected to wifi to the Revoscan desktop app, along with chrome remote desktop to access it from my phone. If I’m not on my home network, I use the mobile app to scan and then send the project to my PC once I’m back.

I needed a “mobile” kit that functioned equally well at home. I also have an absolute ton of phone mounts, battery banks, and tripod parts. Solution? I rigged up this monster!

Tabletop / tripod mode

Handheld mode

I used the original tripod kit that came with the Inspire, a phone clamp that has 1/4in threaded holes on both the top and rear, part of a selfie stick, and a single 3d printed adapter I whipped up in CAD to connect the selfie stick part to the top of the phone mount. It’s rock solid and sturdy, the ball joint allows me to use the tripod as a handle at any angle, and the modularity allows easy adaptation or modification.

I’ve seen files on various 3d printing websites, but I want to know what other users have thrown together / how it benefits them!

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So, I like to scan objects that don’t lend themselves to feature tracking sometimes.

I’ve been using a 3D printed plate adapter to support the marker pad that came with my Inspire (nothing quite like having it sag slightly mid-scan), however there’s still been the limitation of scanning from a lower angle. You go too low, and you obfuscate too many markers and lose tracking. This can be slightly mitigated by using scanning pyramids / tetrahedrons / your polyhedron of choice, but these typically still need some additional support.

I’d initially added markers to the vertical side of the printed scanner plate, but that was only a minor improvement.

Enter angles!!

(Pardon the clutter on my Scanning Station, aka my model making, aka my painting station, aka my secondary workbench).

The purpose here is really quite simple:

  • The ring is at a 45 degree angle from the flat surface of the turntable
  • This results in the markers being visible from both above and a straight on side-view
  • When combined with a few polyhedron markers around the target object, I no longer lose tracking when scanning from the more awkward angles

This doesn’t completely remove the requirement to merge multiple scans for some items, however it significantly increases the amount of geometry I’m able to capture. This results in less pointcloud cleanup before merging, and any time saved is huge win in my book.

The original model adapter plate is available here.
My adapter is available here.

Print it and press it into place. Easy peasey. It’s a snug and secure fit, while still being removable. (famous last words in 3D printing)

The STEP files are also available for anyone who wants to play with it.
If you have any ideas on improvement or feedback, please discuss!

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