Creality Lizard 3D Scanner review by Tom's Hardware

The review is not very complimentary and the images seem less sharp than the original POP.

Jeff you can already see from the point cloud that this is a joke , same as the preview 3D scanner they released that was worse than POP 1 , beside the textures nothing was accurate as they described , I saw Creality results of the 3D scanner where the accuracy was not even below 0.1mm and they claim 0.05mm, impossible ! Their face scanning they posted days ago was not even better than POP1 , it is just marketing strategy , I would not trust it for a minute . I had before 2 choices Creality or POP 1, I choice POP1 and everyone was stunned with the results ! There is no one Creality video that will convince. me to get the new Lizard , not even for half price , why should I ? so indeed , it has less accuracy than the original POP , it is the same stuff they had before just in small package and people going to be disappointed very soon !

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I saw a video of someone reviewing the Lizard. I could see immediately that the point cloud that it produced was a lot noisier than the POP. The manual process of aligning two scans after the model was repositioned was sluggish, and it appeared that it had to calibrate on a special plate. When he was scanning with the handheld scanner, he emphasized that extreme care has to be made to keep the distance from the model constant and move at a constant rate, or it would lose tracking.

From everything that I saw, I don’t think the lizard can compete with the POP.


After knowing Creality Lizard is currently on Kickstarter, I did some research several days ago and found this:

Though it’s not Lizard being compared, I think the opinions in the video still valid in some way.


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Finally, I see someone who knows what they are doing. The noise of Creality CR scan Lizard scanning is very obvious.There are many thorns on the scanning models in the preview window. But many Youtube KOL boast creality scanner while the scanning result of it is so bad in the review video. False propaganda has become the style of Creality!

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That was the video that keep me away from Cr Scan 01 , I believe Lizard is just another CR Scan 01 just in a smaller package . They changed so much the software to get more accuracy , for that reason the point cloud is so noisy , that is not a true accuracy , that are tricks

That is correct … I see it the same way , not because of the videos , I do have many types of scanners and scan 3D objects for 22 years already .

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Looks like the lizards are in trouble

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@Zzz so glad that I canceled my pledge in time , I knew something was shady about the Lizard lol.

According to that document, the CR-Studio Software for the Lizard is based on stolen Source code from the Artec Studio Software.

Additionally the older Scanner CR-Scan 01 may violate a patent on the scanning method hold by Artec.

Look at this , I asked Revopoint about that long time ago
Creality really dig themself deep this time.